6 Must Haves for All Mothers and Mothers-to-be

6 Must Haves for All Mothers and Mothers-to-be

6 Must Haves for All Mothers and Mothers-to-be

Someone has rightly said that the journey of being a mother is the most special in a woman’s life. Da Intimo wishes to be a part of this beautiful experience, hence we bring a special collection of maternity clothes and accessories from our sub-brand Mamma Presto to accompany the mothers-to-be in their beautiful experience. We ensure that you’re each step towards motherhood is taken care of by providing the comfort and support you need.

Here is the list of maternity essentials that every mother or mother-to-be must have:

1. Feeding Bra

A bra has been every woman’s partner throughout their life and continues supporting the women during their pregnancy. The feeding bra from Mamma Presto comes with detachable flaps which provide convenience of feeding their babies anytime and anywhere. The bands and the cups will give the best hug

2. Low-waist Panty

Special low-waist panties from our maternity collection is designed with utmost care for mothers-to-be. These panties provide support to the baby-bump from the bottom, ensuring maximum comfort while moving and doing other chores.

3. High-waist Panty

High-waist panties have great utility for new mothers. They come with expandable belly that takes up the shape of the belly to provide comfort simultaneously toning their body and giving them a beautiful shape.

4. Stockings

This is a multi-utility product with adjustable waistband and expandable belly. It comes with a cotton gusset for an irritation-free experience. Pair it up with a t-shirt and you will feel light and comfortable as never before. The soft, breathable fabric allows you to move freely and the design is such that you can wear it the way you want.

5. Feeding Camisoles

Feeding camisole is another amazing product from Mamma Presto’s collection. These are equipped with detachable feeding panels for ease in feeding the baby and help in toning the upper torso. So, this product is a blessing for all the mothers and mothers-to-be

6. Maternity Nightwear

Sleeping during the expecting days is a task and what if the nightwear that you are wearing makes it worse? Mamma Presto brings to you a collection of beautiful yet comfortable night suits that will give you all the comfort you need at night. The nightwear is done in the cutest of prints for the cutest stage of your life. The light fabric and comfortable construction of the nightwear makes your struggle of sleeping at night a little easy.

Your comfort while you are expecting is our topmost priority. Mamma Presto caters to all the women in this exciting phase of their life and aspires to walk along with them.

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