5 severe side effects of wearing the wrong bra size

5 severe side effects of wearing the wrong bra size

5 severe side effects of wearing the wrong bra size

Are you a fanatic for sexy lingerie but when it comes to finding the right size you get all lost? Do you think that you might be buying that sexy looking bra in the wrong size? Finding the perfect bra size is as difficult as finding your Mr. Perfect but ladies, you can’t be careless about either of it. Studies have shown that the majority of the women have been wearing the wrong sized bra which leads to several harmful effects on the body both internally and externally.

Here are 5 severe side effects that you might suffer from the wrong bra size:

1. Pain in different body parts:

Have you ever felt a pinching pain in your back, shoulders, or neck? Yeah, that’s right, wearing a bra that is smaller than your size could trigger this pain which could take very an ugly turn if you continue to do that. This usually occurs in women with large breasts size. The band of bra squeezes your rib cage which causes pain at various parts like back and shoulder traveling up to the neck. Larger cupped-bras come with broad straps which helps in equal dispersion of the pressure. So, if you experience, it’s time to go back to the size chart!

2. Premature Sagging:

Sagging is something that occurs in every woman at a certain age, however, if you feel that your breast has started to loosen before age, the reason might be that bra that you love to wear. It happens because you are constantly wearing a bra that does not provide enough support to hold your breast up and keep it firm. This can stretch the delicate tissue at an early age and result in sagging.

3. Blocked Lymph Nodes:

Lymph nodes are very fine which makes them sensitive to pressure and compression. Constant pressure on these nodes in the breast can result in the closure of lymph valves and vessels and severe cases can also lead to the failure of these nodes. It generally happens when you are wearing a smaller bra than your actual size. So, whenever you feel uncomfortable or tight in the bra you are wearing, always consider re-measuring your size.

4. May trigger headaches:

Yes, you read that right! Wearing the wrong bra puts the muscles in constant strain. The upper body muscles work harder because of the lack of support which in turn causes headaches. We are sure you would not want that additional reason that triggers your headache.

5. Bad Posture:

Do you catch yourself sitting with hunched shoulders and curvy back in the middle of a meeting? This might be another reason that you should consider changing your bra size! Bras that do not provide good support or are small instigate poor posture if worn for a long time. The right bra will pull everything straight up!

So Ladies, the next time you buy that tempting bra, make sure it fits like Cinderella’s shoe.

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