24 Styles of Bras and Their Uses

24 Styles of Bras and Their Uses

24 styles of bras and their uses

You love buying that sexy set of lingerie, however, get muddled upon seeing different styles. You have a collection of bras but not sure when to wear what? Well, you need not worry anymore! We are here for your rescue. Wearing the right bra is equally important as wearing the right size of the bra. To kill that stunning outfit, you must ensure what’s within, and here’s a list that will make sure that you never wear the wrong kind ever again!

1. T-shirt Bra:

A T-shirt bra is very similar to a padded bra. It is tailored with seamless cups that don’t leave an impression when worn under body-hugging outfits, giving a very smooth look and feel. This kind is suited best for the tight-fitted or body-hugging garments.

2. Padded Bra:

A padded bra is equipped with padded cups or even consists pockets to insert pads which are also known as cookies. The primary function of this style is to conceal the visibility of nipples and give a smooth texture. Additionally, it enhances the volume of the breasts and shapes them up. Wear it with a body-hugging top or a dress and rock i

3. Underwired Bra:

This style of bras has wired cups, forming the underlining of the bra and supporting the breasts, making them look voluminous. This style is a blessing for women who feel they have saggy breasts and need that extra lift.

4. Multiway Bra:

As the name suggests, this style is as functional as it can get! It allows you to style your bra in multiple ways with the detachable straps. This one bra is a saviour. Believe us!

5. Push-up Bra:

A push-up bra, basically lifts them breasts, bringing them closer by pushing the breasts up to enhance the cleavage. These bras usually have underwired cups for a gentle lift. They have angular padding that could prominently change the shape of the breasts. You can playfully use the bra, deciding on the level of push you want to start from level 1 to level 3.

6. Bralette:

Bralette is a bra style that is a blend of a bra and a crop top. These slide on bras are easy-to-wear bras. They are hassle-free and extremely comfortable, however provide relatively less support. A bralette is focused more on style and comfort, which is why you can wear these as a top too. Now, how great is that?

7. Strapless Bra:

A strapless bra, as the name says is a bra that can be worn even without the straps with absolutely no worry about the bra falling off! The support is offered by underwired cups and inner silicone lining along. So, now you know what to wear under that tube or an off-shoulder outfit!

8. Balconette:

A balconette bra gets its identity from the wide straps that it has. The name was derived from the word ‘balcony’ to reflect the neckline of this style. A balconette is designed for outfits with broad necklines.

9. Front open Bra:

Front open bras, unlike the usual, bras have the hooks in the front. This style is best for women who find the usual back hooks annoying.

10. Halter Bra:

Just like a halter top, halter bras also consist of a single strap that either goes around the neck or two straps that can be tied into a knot at the back of the neck. You must have figured the functionality of this bra by now, suits best with halter dresses and tank tops

11.Non-Padded Bra:

These are just like usual bras but without the pads. These bras are suitable for women who do not need extra padding to support the breasts and make them look perkier.

12.Maternity Bra:

These bras are everything that mothers-to-be need. They come with a flap at the cups to easily be able to deed their babies, anytime, anywhere they want. The bras are usually are non-padded and non-wired to provide complete comfort to all the mothers at a time when they undergo multiple changes in their breast size.

13. Racerback Bra:

Racerback bras are the bras that have a style the same as a tank top. Therefore, work best with the garments having a similar shape. Wear this and you are free from constantly pulling your bra strap up to your shoulder.

14. Plunge Bra:

Plunge bras come with a semi-coverage cup that only covers some part of the breasts, allowing you to comfortably adorn a deep neckline dress. Don’t get embarrassed from those sudden bra peeks, just wear a plunge bra and let it do its job

15. Cage Bra:

This bra is the sexiest of all! It features multiple layers of straps arranged differently on the front or the back, to make it stylish and modern. We bet, once you wear it, you would not resist showing it. Its interesting aesthetics allow you to style it up in myriad ways.

16. Sports bra:

You must have guessed it by now, it is something that you should wear while doing physical activity. These bras minimize the bounce, maintaining the firmness. It comes in a variety of range from low impact, medium impact to heavy impact bras.

17. Stick on bra:

Stick on bras do not have straps on the back and straps. They are stuck with an adhesive on the inner side of the cups that stay put. These bras are for occasions where you want to wear backless and strapless outfits.

18. Transparent Bra:

Transparent bras have a transparent back band and shoulder straps that match the body color, making the straps invisible. Just like Stick on bras, these are also used for backless and strapless outfits, however, are more comfortable and secure.

19. Bridal Bra:

Bridal bras are very fancy looking bras, that feature lace detailing, mesh detailing, etc. Crafted with premium fabrics like lace and satin to add on to the bridal charm. These are specially curated for the bridal trousseau.

20. Beginner’s Bra:

For all the young, adolescent girls who have their first encounter with bras. The bra has no hooks, pads, or wiring and for the sake of making the young girls familiar with it. They are generally slip-on to provide comfort and ease.

21. Full Coverage Bra:

These bras are designed with full-coverage cups that offer broader coverage. Unlike the plunging bras, these bras are to conceal the whole breast area including the sides.

22. Cami Bra:

These bras resemble camisoles in design. It has a high neckline and full cups to cover cleavage under deep neck outfits.

23. Longline Bra:

This Bra extends the coverage of the band to a few inches below the bust. Apart, from shaping the breasts, these bras also help in shaping up the waist. So, you know it’s a win-win!

24. Minimiser Bra:

These are designed to give an impression of small breasts. It is a gift for women who struggle from finding a bra that reduces the appearance of large breasts. These bras are designed in such a way, that it brings down the size of the breasts visually and make it look firm.

So, the next time you decide on going for bra shopping, make sure you pick the right one! Remember, it’s not always what’s on the outside that matters, it’s also the inside.

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